discussion questions on variables.

Discussion 1

A variable is usually anything that can vary, change or be changed like attention, memory or time that is taken in performing a task. When looking at an independent variable it is a variable that is controlled, changed in a scientific experiment to ensure the effect of the dependent variable the dependent variable is thus a variable that is measured and tested in a scientific experiment (Omoregie and Adegbesan. In any case the dependent variable will often be dependent on the independent variable. An example if the independent and dependent variable is when a scientist want to see the brightness of light and whether it contains any effect on the moth being attracted to the light where the brightness of the light is being manipulated by the scientist (Leatham). In this regard, the light is going to be an independent variable, however how the moth will be responding is going to be a dependent variable.

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The extraneous variables on the other hand refer to all variables that are not the independent variables but they will eventually affect the results of the whole experiment or research study. In any case it is important that the researcher controls the extraneous variables where possible. As they will be important enough when it comes to the provision of alternative explanations for whole effects (Leatham). One of the ways that researcher do this is by ensuring the use of random sampling. Even though random sampling may not really eliminate the extraneous variables, it will, makes sure that the variables remain equal in each group (Omoregie and Adegbesan). In the event that random sampling is not used, the effects of the extraneous variables is going provide study results with a lot of concern. Also the other way to control extraneous variables is by providing alternative explanations for the effects.

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